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I offer support to individuals seeking spiritual guidance & healing around pathfinding, personal transformations, and individual & family problems linked to troubles in the spirit world.

I work especially with divination; reclaiming ancestral gifts; bringing clarity & resolution to inter-generational ancestral burdens & traumas; ameliorating curses, blockages, spirit intrusions, & spiritual fragmentation or injury; and resolving mysterious problems linked to health, relationship, & the ability to thrive.

If you're resonating with what I'm expressing and are curious whether our collaboration might be fruitful, I invite you to join me for a free 15 minute video call to explore the possibilities.

In alignment with Sakha tradition, my practice is utterly unique, blending the modalities I've studied with the gifts I've been given, and guided by the spirits with whom I'm in collaboration. My process with each client is also unique, co-created to honor individual needs, values, & goals.

Working with me can be a way to gather resource & resilience, support from a wider, and often wiser, web that includes ancestors, guides, and the timeless wisdom found deep within the self. Having support outside of human relationship can be tremendously useful in providing perspective on human troubles & their potential resolution, as well as accessing healthy personal power, creativity, & intuition.

I work fluently between and across modalities. Ritual healing techniques rooted in Sakha traditions remove intrusions & curses, integrate fragmentations, and protect, heal, & strengthen the body and spirit. Tarot, divination, & intuitive counseling  illuminate roadblocks and identify the biggest, brightest potentials on the path ahead, as well as what it will take to achieve them. Practices of ancestral healing support loving connection with guides, deeper understanding of ancestral blessings and challenges, and resolution of negative impacts from the unwell dead. Hands-on marma therapy & energy body healing addresses blockages, imbalances, and ruptures in the flow of energy through the body and mind. All sessions happen in a non-judgmental, safe, and confidential environment.

We work collaboratively for you to be radiantly well and authentically expressed, so that you can share your much-needed gifts with the world.

Location, Cost, and Scheduling

I offer sessions in person in San Francisco and by phone, What's App, and Zoom. I also offer limited in-person sessions on location in the course of my travels. Sessions are just as effective in a long distance format; in fact, one of my mentors in Sakha Republic, Yllyktaakh, recommends long distance work as preferable.

I charge $130 per hour for sessions.

I prefer 90 min for initial sessions. Follow up sessions can be 60 or 90 minutes. Tarot readings are also available in 20, 40, and 60 min sessions. Fees may vary for clients outside of the United States; please inquire if you're from a place where US rates are not accessible for you.

Regardless of where you're located, I understand that global capitalism is complicated and I'm committed to keeping this work accessible. Talk with me if cost is an obstacle. My commitment to economic accessibility allows me to stretch to meet those who can't pay my full rate and who can stretch to meet me. 

Payment accepted via Venmo, PayPal, credit card, or cash anytime prior to our session.


Ceremony & Ritual

Do you have the sense that there's a spiritual, ancestral, or energetic component to your health, relationship, or life challenges?

Centuries of empire & colonialism have robbed many cultures of their ability to heal curses, psychic wounds, spirit fragmentation, and unwelcome entity intrusion.

Or many it's not quite so dire. Perhaps you just have a sense that we should work together, using the ritual techniques into which I've been initiated by Sakha shamans, spirit helpers, & places of power.


Tarot, Divination, & Intuitive Counseling

A path to discerning personal destiny, metabolizing challenging life circumstances, and identify potentials & areas of growth.

Sessions clarify life choices, build healthy self-esteem and personal power, and align you with the larger forces conspiring towards your radiant wellness.

You have a unique destiny, and the world deeply needs you to fulfill it.

Treetop from Below

Ancestral Healing

You have wise & loving ancestors available as a resource for your life. 

These ritually guided sessions support you in connecting with ancestral guides of your blood lineage, receiving blessing from them, and collaborating with them to embody ancestral gifts, and bring healing & resolution to ancestral troubles.

Guidance on undertaking ancestral pilgrimage also available.


Marma Therapy

Marma therapy & hands-on energetic rebalancing restores healthy connection to earth & sky, removes congestion, disruption, & wounding in the astral body, and is deeply relaxing & restorative.

Our work may include gentle touch, massage therapy techniques, and essential oils & flower essences, or, we might work together without touch. I seek explicit consent before offering hand-on work. 

Recommended for clients experiencing chronic and auto-immune health challenges, as well as individuals experiencing stress & recovering from trauma.

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