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Ancestral Lineage Repair

You have wise and loving ancestors available as a resource for your life. 

They want you to be deeply well. You are their beloved child.

It is my pleasure to guide you towards a source of endless support, increased stability, and an embodied experience of deeply belonging.

I offer 1-on-1 sessions to support you in connecting with ancestral guides of your blood lineage, receiving blessing from them, and collaborating with them to elevate and guide the spirits of the not-yet-well dead to a condition of vibrant wellness. This journey supports understanding and healing around difficult inter-generational family patterns, more fully embodying your unique gifts and personal destiny, and holding appropriate boundaries and intimacy with living and dead family members.  

Ancestral lineage healing and repair helps:

  • metabolize past hurts & traumas

  • clarify the blessings & burdens you've received from your ancestors of blood, and make supportive behavioral choices around these

  • access a deep source of support, wisdom, and strength for you and your family

  • cultivate radiant physical & mental health, clarity of purpose, and healthy self-esteem

  • enable healthy connection with beloved family members after their death

  • facilitate an easier transition through the portal of death for yourself & the elders in your family

I hold this work at the crossroads of personal, collective, and cultural healing. 

Entering into relationship with the loving ancestors offers perspective, healing, and transformation around inter-generational challenges like poverty, experience of abuse/violence, substance abuse, and physical/mental/behavioral health challenges, and provides a powerful antidote to the sense of isolation and fragmentation that many people experience. It helps individuals access radical self-acceptance and balanced personal power.

And it integrates our individual understanding of our own struggles into a larger web, and ultimately into finding our unique place within the transformation of bigger cultural wounds around colonialism, racism, greed, patriarchy, sex(uality)- and gender-based oppression, systemic devaluation of other-than-humans, and other human-created poisons. By resolving the historical traumas that live in our bodies on an epi-genetic level, we optimize not only our own lives, but our unique capacity to be of service in the world.

I'm especially excited to share this work with:

  • women; queer, genderqueer, and gender non conforming people

  • multi-ethnic, multi-racial, multi-cultural people and other boundary walkers

  • artists, performers, healers, and other creative people and (q)weirdos with unusual gifts

Components of ritual framing draw from an intuitive Sakha animist perspective. This is not a cookie cutter process; I will meet you where you're at with kindness and compassion and we'll go from there.

Individuals of any religion or spiritual path are warmly welcome to this work, as are skeptics and agnostics. All are welcome, including those who are estranged from or have a difficult experience of family, adoptees, and those conceived with the help of a sperm donor.

If all this sounds weird to you, that's ok. Wherever in the world your ancestors are from, it's almost certain that relating to the loving dead is a fundamental human skill that is present in your bloodlines, if you go back far enough. Many cultures have lost it, but it's easy to re-learn and incredibly powerful.

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