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I'm thrilled to be hosted by Dreamy and Purple of Psychic Sister, House of Psychic, Crystals, & Vintage. Please reach out with questions or accessibility needs.


Tarot & the Ancestors

October 26, 2019
10:00am-12:30 and 6:30-9:00pm

Who are the ancestors, and how do the dead and the living affect each other?

How can tarot be used as a tool for ancestral reclamation, mending family relationships, and feeding mutually supportive ancestral connection?

Workshop will explore ancestors of blood, of spiritual lineage and vocation, and of place. Teachings will model an emphasis on ritual safety. Workshop will be a mixture of ritual, facilitated discussion, & lecture, with a lot of experiential exploration of the methodologies offered, and spaciousness for the group to evolve the format that is most useful. Open to all levels of interest & experience.

Cost: $80, or $120 in combination with Tarot, Divination & Ethics

Image by Wyron A

Tarot, Divination & Ethics

October 27, 2019
10:00am-12:30 & 6:30-9:00pm

You are invited to a participatory, generative exploration of the ethical considerations around being a responsible reader or seer. 

Topics of exploration:

  • divination & cultural appropriation; capitalism; & colonialism

  • free will & dependence on visionary powers

  • what to speak & when to stay silent

  • 'the future' and notions of fixed destiny

  • wielding one's power responsibly

  • human future(s) in western vs indigenous worldviews

  • trauma awareness and cultural competencies

Cost: $80, or $120 in combination with Tarot & the Ancestors

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