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Intuitive Counseling

This work is vulnerable. My clients share with me their deepest and most essential hopes, dreams, and fears. They share the places where they're stuck, and the situations that hold the most promise and risk. 

Some clients have questions about their personal destiny, and seek to clarity the way forward, in alignment with their highest purpose and ethics. These inquiries may concern career, relationships, children, and family.

Some clients desire support or guidance around a situation of particular importance, often one where a particular outcome is desired. Others reveal a deeply felt need for protection and shielding from harmful energies around them, perhaps unhelpful spirits of the dead, un-peaceful spirits of land or place, or living individuals causing harm. 

Often my clients in this work are experiencing powerful and challenging emotional states. Examples include overwhelming grief or loss, challenges in coping with unexpected life circumstances, or sudden transpersonal contacts with the spirit world. These experiences can often be accompanied by isolation, shame, or self-rejection.

We will co-create ritual space in which we will both speak and listen. I will listen deeply and compassionately to your truth. I may speak words that identify current trends in your life and clarify and make explicit the future that those trends are pointing towards, as well as other possible futures that are also available, depending on your own behavioral choices, will and desire. I may offer behavioral health suggestions, exercises to explore your own motivation, and words that tease apart the ways that attaining happiness can be falsely conflated with obtaining a particular outcome. My intuition and the spirits with whom I work guide my words. 

In this work, I see people and reflect them back to themselves, from a perspective that is less constricted by time than their own, or less anchored in the particular moment when we meet.  Sessions typically close with a blessing. With sessions that call for protection, I will work with strengthening your energy body, immune system, and personal boundaries so that you can better protect yourself. I may also work with the spirits who are present around you.

I don't work with a fixed, inflexible model of destiny. I don't work in a way that creates dependency on me as a practitioner. I do sometimes touch people's bodies, with their consent, to better attune to the wisdom that lies therein. I do consistently examine how this work aligns with my ethics. I listen and affirm a lot, and I don't interfere with anyone's free will. 

This work is about becoming more deeply awake. This work is about aligning your personal self with the larger forces conspiring towards your radiant wellness. At its most essential level, what I'm doing is leveraging my relational capital in the spirit world in service of the highest good, as that pertains to my client. You have a unique destiny, and the world deeply needs you to fulfill it. If I am able to help, it is my duty to do so.

For this reason, I'm especially passionate about sharing this work with people who experience their personal wellness as deeply intertwined with healing larger cultural and ecological problems. I want to help you have a fabulous life so that you can better be of service in healing the many human-created crises around us.

The doorway to this way of working opened for me while staying with Aar Saaryn, a shaman in Sakha Republic. He was leading a retreat of sorts at the foot of a sacred mountain and invited me to join him there. Knowing that I was a ritualist and healing arts practitioner, he arranged for me to see clients while I was staying with him. 

At the beginning of my stay I worked primarily with the familiar-to-me modalities of shamanic ritual medicine and marma therapy, but as the days progressed, the needs and requests which with clients came to me diversified, and with Aar Saaryn's mentorship and my collaborative relationships with spirits who came to me in this sacred place, I was able to expand the range of my practice to include the work I now call intuitive counseling. 

The spirits and the land herself initiated me into this work, and it is through them that I am able to be a channel for this work. Gratitude to them and to Aar Saaryn, whose continued guidance supports me in walking this path.

When offering this work in other than Siberian contexts, I may use ritual skills drawn from Sakha animist, Hindu, yogic, pagan, radical faery, and eco-feminist teachings which I've metabolized over the years. I sometimes use cards for divination. Each session is individualized to meet the needs of my client and our shared context. Sessions are available in person or via Zoom, What'sApp, or phone.

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