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Past Events

I have been honored to share my gifts & skills through classes, workshops, retreats, and gatherings. 

I invite you to explore what I've been up to. You'll notice that I love collaborating on new offerings that are completely unique and allow me to push my practice into new territories.

These are located across disciplines of tarot, healing arts, ritual & esoteric arts, performance arts, activism/collective human transformations, land/place relationship, community building, and indigenous knowledge. 

Please reach out with inquiries about booking, accessibility, or otherwise. For upcoming events, click here

Vamonos Into the Woods

a summer campout with a focus on nurturing artists, cultural producers and community workers.:.

in collaboration with Grace Towers.:.

August 9-11, 2019

Groundswell Community and Retreat Center

Pomo lands/Yorkville, California, USA

full event description here


Global Shamanism Summit

a free, online event exploring indigenous and earth-based wisdom traditions.:.

My teaching explored divination & tarot as tools for personal & collective transformation, and included an examination of the ethical complexities of divination practice. I shared some experiences living between worlds as a ritualist & a Sakha-American, and spoke to the ways that traditional Sakha animism informs my practice, as well as the ways Sakha shamanic traditions have adapted due to contact with Europe and globalization.

Interview aired July 9-11, 2019. 

More info about the Global Shamanism Summit here.


Weeklong Summer Retreat to Sata Khaya

a spiritual retreat to the sacred land of Sata Khaya, deep in the wilderness of Sakha Republic.:.

in collaboration with my mentor, Sakha shaman Aar Saaryn.:.

July 1-9, 2019

Nyurbinskiy Uluus, Sakha Republic, Russian Federation

For complete description, click here.


Into the Woods

a summer campout supporting intentional, intergenerational exchange via the arts:.:.

in collaboration with Grace Towers and the Into the Woods team:.:.

May 24-27, 2019

Groundswell Community and Retreat Center

Pomo lands/Yorkville, California, USA

full event description here


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